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About Alef Bet Games

Alef Bet Games creates printable and digital teaching resources for Hebrew reading practice, vocabulary, and Jewish heritage education.  Content is most suitable for upper elementary and middle school students in a Hebrew School setting.
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In addition to low-prep games, this collection of "no drill" Hebrew worksheets are structured to integrate cooperative learning within the subject matter.  This style of learning has proven to assist in memorization and a deeper understanding of classroom material.
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As Hebrew school attendance rates continue to decline, teachers want access to fresh material rather than teaching to a book. Yet, finding it has been an ongoing struggle.  
Alef Bet Games' non-traditional Hebrew worksheets and distance learning material fill this void. Offering Hebrew resources in an "a la carte'' style fashion allows teachers the luxury to differentiate their instruction by picking and choosing what is best for their students, rather than teaching to a book. Moreover, because the material is designed to create social opportunities, classmates organically forge stronger connections among peers. 
Alef Bet Games' Hebrew 4 in a Row worksheet is just one example of a "no prep" solution. With just a photocopy and two different colored pencils, Hebrew reading practice quickly turns into a motivating competition as classmates ambitiously strive to be the first to read 4 Hebrew words in a row.
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When teachers bring Hebrew learning games into their classrooms, their students are more likely to find joy in their Hebrew School experience. Find out why Hebrew teachers from around the globe are endorsing Alef Bet Games through their reviews.