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Hanukkah Picture BINGO

Hanukkah BINGO is an exciting game for people of all ages. This low-prep game encourages friendly competition while learning to recognize the symbols of this important Jewish holiday. Simply grab pencils and erasers—no markers or chips required!


Print as many copies as needed for your classroom's Hanukkah party or community celebration.



32 Assorted BINGO Cards

Call cards

Bonus Memory Game


How to Play

Select a call card at random.

Show it to the players and read the caption aloud.

Players search for the matching image on their boards.

Using pencils, players mark corresponding images with an X.

The first player to mark five in a row in any direction calls "BINGO!"


Turn the call cards into a Memory game! Just print two copies, cut, and shuffle!



Before You Buy

Upgrade and Save with the Jewish Holiday Picture BINGO Bundle



Hanukkah Picture BINGO

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