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I Have a Confession to Make…

I'm the daughter of a famous Israeli nightclub owner.

Yes, you read that right. My dad, Avram Grobard, was the founder and star of El Avram, a legendary spot in Greenwich Village that attracted celebrities, politicians, and ordinary people who loved Israeli music and culture.

El Avram was more than just a nightclub. It was a place where people could experience the richness and diversity of Israel, from its food and drinks to its belly dancers and songs. It was a place where people could celebrate, connect, and feel at home. It was a place where history was made.

My dad opened El Avram in the late 1960s as a young singer and accordion player who had moved to New York from Israel. He dreamed of sharing his passion for his homeland with the American audience and found a loyal fan base.

He also befriended and performed with some of the most famous Israeli musicians of his time, like Tzvika Pik and Yoram Gaon, to legends like Louis Armstrong.

I was born in the early 1980s, so I never got to see El Avram in its heyday. But I grew up listening to my father's beautiful singing voice and his stories about the amazing nights he had at El Avram, the people he met, the songs he sang, and the memories he made, including meeting and marrying my mom there. They celebrated 44 years of marriage before his passing in 2024.

One of the stories that stuck with me the most was about the night of March 26th, 1979. That was the night when President Jimmy Carter, Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and President Anwar Sadat signed the historic peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, ending decades of war and hostility. The nightly news broadcast from the club showed my dad, alongside his emotional Egyptian chef, celebrating this momentous occasion with music and joy.

That night, my dad said, was a proud moment. He felt that he had fulfilled his mission by showing the world the beauty and spirit of Israel.

These captivating tales instilled in me a desire to continue my father's legacy by educating others about the diverse traditions, values, and Hebrew language that define the Jewish identity.

For 15 years, I dedicated myself to the Jewish education sector, striving to impart Jewish values and traditions to the next generation. During this time, I had the incredible opportunity to invite my father as a guest speaker to my classroom, where he shared his experiences growing up in Israel and his memories of the War of Independence. These moments were invaluable, as they added a human touch to the history I was teaching, making it more relatable and meaningful for my students.

My commitment to nurturing Jewish education didn't end within the classroom. As the years passed, I realized a pressing need for comprehensive and engaging Jewish educational resources. Recognizing this gap, I decided to embark on a new endeavor – to create Jewish educational materials that would empower other teachers in their mission to inspire the next generation.

Today, I am the proud owner of a Alef Bet Games, a small business specializing in crafting Jewish educational resources on Jewish holidays, Tefillah Education, the Hebrew language, and of course, Israel. Through innovative and interactive materials, I aim to make Jewish education enjoyable and accessible for educators worldwide.

It brings me immense joy to know that my work shapes young minds and hearts, just as my father's stories shaped mine. I am driven by the belief that educating the younger generation about their roots and traditions is the key to preserving our cultural heritage and strengthening our community.

As I look back on my journey from being the daughter of a famous nightclub owner to a Jewish educator and now a business owner, I am grateful for the opportunities that have come my way.


My father passed away on January 14, 2024. He was 85 years old.

ברוך דיין האמת.


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