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Q. Who is this website for?

A. This website is for Hebrew educators seeking fresh supplemental learning materials for students at the beginner level. Visit the About page for more information.

Q. Do all of your Hebrew resources include vowels?

A. Yes.


Q. When will I receive my order?

A. Instantly. If you haven't created a login, you'll be prompted to sign in with your email. Once you submit your order, a confirmation page will appear where you can download your resources. You will also receive an automated copy by email.

Q. Can I access previously purchased resources?

A. Yes! Log in within a month of purchase and select "My Orders." 

Q. Are the Hebrew learning games just for kids?

A. They are for beginners of any age. The only prerequisite is a desire to learn Hebrew. The content can be integrated into Jewish homeschool curriculum, Hebrew school classrooms, in-person and online tutors, and biblical Hebrew study groups focusing.

Q. What venues are your Hebrew learning activities formatted for?
A. While Hebrew worksheets are compatible with in-person classrooms, digital Hebrew games are formatted for distance learn
ing environments, projectors, or both. 

Q. How can I play in a virtual classroom from separate locations?
A. Easily! Share your screen and select "remote control" access to play simultaneously on the same screen. Digital games can also be used with classroom technology.

Q. Are all of your Hebrew learning materials activity-based?
A. Yes. All of them.

Q. Why should I subscribe to Alef Bet Games?
A. Subscribers receive updates, special offers, and free teaching materials.

Q. Do you take custom orders?
A. For custom orders, email

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