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Restaurant Role-Play

Restaurant Role-Play allows Hebrew learners of all ages to practice a real-world skill relatable to everyone - ordering food at a restaurant. By turning your classroom into a restaurant, students can enhance their language skills and develop their confidence in communicating in Hebrew.


This role-playing activity is designed for all Hebrew learners, with no prior knowledge of Hebrew vocabulary required. The guides contain a comprehensive list of vocabulary words and phrases, which are color-coded for easy understanding of male/female conjugation. This approach allows learners to become familiar with restaurant-related terminology and develop a better understanding of how to communicate effectively in a Hebrew-speaking environment.


The Hebrew Restaurant Role-Play comes complete with a restaurant menu featuring various food options, as well as a "vocabulary menu" with restaurant-themed phrases. To make the experience even more immersive, prop cards with menu items and images are included, allowing students to "serve" food like real waiters and waitresses.


Reinforcement worksheets are also provided to help students solidify their learning with additional practice. With the Hebrew Restaurant Role-Play, students can take their role-playing skills to the next level by arranging classroom furniture like a restaurant, creating an even more realistic environment to practice their Hebrew language skills.



  • A restaurant menu. 
  • vocabulary menu with Hebrew words and phrases.
  • 2 Vocabulary Guides
  • Reinforcement Worksheets
  • Bonus: food prop cards 


Phrases in this lesson:

You're welcome, please

there isn't

there is

Thank you







I want to eat

I want to order

What do you want to eat?

What do you want to drink?

I want to drink

Restaurant Role-Play

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