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Collection of Jewish Holiday Blessings

Add a touch of decor to your Jewish holiday celebrations!


This collection of Jewish Holiday Blessings includes visually appealing handouts for Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Hanukkah, Tu Bishvat, and Passover. The Shehecheyanu prayer is added when applicable. 


Each blessing is elegantly designed in two formats: one with and one without transliteration.



1. Shabbat Blessings: Teach the blessings over the candles, wine, and challah, or place them alongside your Shabbat table settings.


2. Rosh Hashanah Blessings: Embrace the Jewish New Year with blessings over the apples and honey and for the year ahead. 


3. Sukkot Blessings: As you celebrate the harvest festival of Sukkot, place the blessings over the luav and etrog inside your sukkah.


4. Hanukkah Blessings: Illuminate your Hanukkah parties and celebrations with blessings for the menorah.


5. Tu Bishvat Blessings: Connect with nature and celebrate the birthday of the trees by reciting blessings for your Tu Bishvat Seder.


6. Passover Four Questions: Teach children to sing with this convenient handout with the Four Questions.


Bonus: You'll also receive blessing sheets for washing hands with the hamotzi. Display it over your classroom or bathroom sink for reference.

Collection of Jewish Holiday Blessings

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