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Digital Drag & Drop Bundle

These easy-to-use, no-prep sorting activities are so much more fun than reading out of a book. Your students will enjoy reading, dragging, and dropping the gumballs or ice cream scoops! You'll receive six easy-to-use activities to teach and review Hebrew vowels and look-alike-letters.



Set 1

Activity 1: Patach, Kamatz, Sheva, and the Shirik vowels

Activity 2: Cholam and Shuruk vowels

In this colorful activity, your students will practice a series of Hebrew vowels by reading, dragging, and dropping the gumballs into their corresponding machines. 


Set 2

Activity 3: The Stolen Patch vowel (פתח גנובה)

Activity 4: Final Chaf


Stolen Patach vowel: This vowel is "an exception to the rule." When the Hebrew letter chet is combined with a patch vowel falls at the end of a word, it says "ach" instead of "chah".  Directions: Read the Hebrew phonetic sound inside the “gumball.” Then drag and drop it into the corresponding vowel machine.


Final Chaf: The final chaf can be challenging. It's the only final letter with a vowel at the end. Luckily, there are only two vowel options. In this gumball sort, students will practice reading and differentiating between the final chaf's vowel sounds.


Set 3

Activity 5: Pay vs. Fay

Activity 6: Shin vs. Sin


What's the Scoop? Letter Sort

"What the Scoop with Pay and Fay?" is an easy-to-use activity that focuses on

distinguishing the Hebrew letters Pay and Fay. Through a screen share, students use a mouse to read and sort the ice cream scoops on top of the corresponding cones.


These activities are formatted in Google Slides.

Digital Drag & Drop Bundle

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  • A bundle is a collection of two or more individual resources offered at a discounted rate when purchased together.

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