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Digital Shofars & Ladders

Modeled after the beloved game Chutes and Ladders, "Shofars and Ladders" is played by the same rules. However, in this Hebrew edition, players will strengthen their Hebrew reading skills while racing to the land of Israel.


This exciting game is conveniently formatted in Google Slides and PowerPoint, making it easily accessible and playable on a variety of devices. Simply share your screen and remote access to play on one screen! A virtual die and digital static and gif game pieces are embedded in the slides for your convenience.



You'll receive two boards with over 70 Hebrew words. 

Slide 1: Level 2 Hebrew reading practice
Slide 2: Level 3 focuses on the cholam vowel.
Digital game pieces, including gummy bears and cars in GIF format!

How to Play

Place counters at the start. Roll the (free) Chrome dice extension, or use the one provided in PowerPoint. Upon landing, read the Hebrew word in that space. When players land on a ladder, they skip ahead by "climbing" to the top. However, they must slide back down to the bottom if they land on a shofar.


Before you Buy

Teaching Hebrew in a virtual classroom just got easier!

Check out this extensive collection of Hebrew games and activities, each containing multiple screens that will save you countless hours of lesson planning.

Digital Shofars & Ladders

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