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Welcome to Alef Bet Games, a hub where busy educators and parents can instantly access an array of Jewish educational materials tailored for classrooms, community events, or personal use. I'm Talia, the founder and visionary behind this venture, and on a mission to provide Jewish educators with meaningful lessons from Hebrew and Tefillah to Jewish Holidays and Israel.

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Throughout my career, I witnessed the challenges educators face in finding engaging and relevant teaching materials specifically designed for Jewish educational settings. So, in 2018, I made the bold decision to leave the classroom to offer busy educators easy access to a variety of Jewish educational resources that are both user-friendly and require minimal prep time. Moreover, I knew if you, the teacher, had the flexibility to select materials tailored to your student's needs, they would be more likely to find joy in their Jewish educational experiences.

Since all resources are provided as digital downloads, you can reprint them for your entire class year after year, making them a

budget-friendly alternative to books. Please note that purchases are exclusively licensed for single-classroom use. Additional licenses for colleagues during checkout. Your support and cooperation are essential for me to continue creating valuable Jewish educational materials.

Your satisfaction means the world to me, which is why I proudly stand behind my satisfaction guarantee. If you've found value in using my resources, spreading the word is the best way to support this site. If you wish to give a little extra thanks by treating me to a cup of coffee, your support means a lot and goes a long way. Donations help bridge the income gap, enabling me to pursue my passion. Every contribution is valued.

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