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How I Used AI to Create Shabbat Coloring Pages...and How You Can, Too!

Download my AI-generated coloring pages at the end of the article.

Jewish-themed coloring pages are a wonderful way to connect children with their Jewish heritage, traditions, and customs. Whether they feature Jewish symbols, holidays, or historical figures, coloring pages can enrich the learning experience and make the exploration of Jewish heritage more engaging.

The Challenge with Finding Jewish-Themed Coloring Pages

As the curriculum developer for my synagogue's High Holiday programming, I found that providing students with coloring pages before our main events began helped set a positive educational tone. However, finding relevant Jewish-themed coloring pages was challenging and often required extensive searching through limited resources.

The Solution: AI Image Generators

AI image generators offer a practical solution by creating customized coloring pages that cater to specific themes and traditions, allowing educators and parents to generate their own.

My Experience with AI Image Generation

When starting my journey with an AI image generator, I discovered a number of popular options, many of which are free or offer a limited number of monthly credits. Some recommended tools included Canva, Microsoft Designer, and Magic Studio.

I decided to use CoPilot, Microsoft's free image creator, which offered 14 free monthly credits at the time this post was published in June 2024. My initial prompt was, "Two Jewish children leading a Shabbat morning service." However, the results were not what I expected. The AI-generated images were too vague, with some pictures showing children wearing baseball caps and others looking at a picture book.

Refining the AI Prompt

I refined my prompt to "A detailed line drawing of Jewish children wearing kippahs, leading a Jewish prayer service, and reading from an open siddur." This helped the AI produce more accurate and meaningful images, showing children with clearly defined kippahs reading from a siddur.

Overall, I liked how CoPilot provided the flexibility and functionality required for creating quality educational printables, and I'm looking forward to testing out other generators in the future. Curious about how mine turned out? You can download them for free at the end of this article.

Creating Your Own Jewish-Themed Coloring Pages with AI

Here are some tips to help you create beautiful and meaningful coloring pages using AI tools.

Choose an AI Generator

Select an AI generator that can create images based on detailed descriptions. Choosing a tool that allows extensive customization to meet your educational needs is important. Again, some popular and free options include Canva, Microsoft Designer, and Magic Studio.

Write Detailed Descriptions

Decide which Jewish themes or concepts you want your coloring pages to include. Offer detailed descriptions for the images you want to create, specifying elements like clothing, objects, and specific symbols or texts. For example, you might describe a Menorah with lit candles for Hanukkah, Moses parting the Red Sea, a synagogue during Shabbat service, or a specific style and mood such as traditional, cartoonish, or modern.

Coloring-Page Style

Use keywords such as "outline," "black and white," "simple," and "coloring page." Adjust any available settings to refine the output, focusing on style, line thickness, and simplicity.

Refine as Needed

Review the generated images and select the ones that best match your vision. If the initial results are not accurate, modify your prompt to add more details or clarify the context. Experiment with different prompts to get the desired results.

Finishing Touches

Download the images and insert them into a Google or Microsoft document. Ensure the images fit standard paper sizes (like A4 or letter). To enhance their appearance, you can add titles or brief descriptions for context, borders, or other design elements.

Download, Share, and Distribute

Once you are satisfied with your coloring pages, download and print them for your classroom, synagogue, or community centers. Don't forget to share them with colleagues—they will appreciate having these resources for their own educational purposes.


Creating Jewish holiday coloring pages with an AI plugin blends technology with tradition, allowing for creative expression that is both educational and fun.


Curious about how mine turned out? Scroll down to the comments section and let me know your thoughts!

Shabbat Coloring Pages
Download PDF • 7.33MB


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Incredibly cool!


Jun 24

This is incredibly helpful. I am looking forward to trying it out!


Jun 23

If you ever looking for jewish coloring pages? I’ve been creating them the old fashioned way for about a decade and I give them away for free. You can sign up to get them on my website, annkofdsky.com.

This post was very informative- thank you!

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