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Block to Cursive Flashcards & Game

This educational game set combines matching block and cursive Hebrew letters with three exciting gameplay options. Whether you're playing Memory Match, Go Fish, or engaging in a thrilling Speed Race, your students will have a blast mastering letter recognition.


The set includes 48 Hebrew flashcards featuring block and cursive Hebrew letters. The back of the block letter cards is a vibrant blue, while the cursive cards boast a captivating pink hue, making it easy for students to differentiate between the two sets and aim for their targeted letters.


With the provided instructions, children can dive into the captivating world of Hebrew letters in no time. Memory Match challenges players to flip over cards and find matching pairs, stimulating memory and concentration skills. Go Fish encourages interactive play as children trade cards and search for specific letters to complete their sets.  For those seeking an extra challenge, Speed Race pushes players to test their speed and accuracy as they race against the clock to match letters from cursive to print.


Whether you're a teacher, parent, or anyone interested in introducing the Hebrew alphabet in a fun and engaging way, the Alef-Bet match & learn card set is the perfect choice!


Before You Buy

Upgrade and Save with the Block to Cursive Bundle.

Block to Cursive Flashcards & Game

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