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Guess the Character, in Hebrew!

SAVE with the "Let's Talk about School" Bundle!


Teaching school supply-themed Hebrew vocabulary can be particularly beneficial in supplemental classrooms at Hebrew schools, where children learn basic conversational Hebrew. Knowing the Hebrew words for day-to-day school supplies can help them better understand and participate in classroom activities. For example, if a teacher gives instructions for an activity and uses the Hebrew word for "pencil," children who know that word will be able to understand and follow the instructions more easily.


“Guess the Character, in Hebrew” is designed to build school supply-themed vocabulary. Students try to guess their opponent's "mystery character" through a series of simple "כֵּן" and "לֹא" questions".


This easy-to-use activity includes all the vocabulary they'll need, with words and phrases color-coded for conjugation.


Modeled after the popular Guess Who? game, this version is designed to keep the Hebrew conversation flowing. While figuring out their opponent's "Mystery Character" through the process of elimination, your students will use this unit's Hebrew pronouns and school-supply-themed nouns to advance their conversational skills.



This download includes vocabulary lists and reinforcement worksheets with all the Hebrew words and phrases required to play the game.

  • Vocabulary Guide: Possessive Pronouns.
  • Vocabulary Guide: School Supplies.
  • Sentence Starters handout.
  • Hebrew "game questions" planner. 
  • Printable Gameboard.
  • 16 individual character cards.
  • Markers to cover the gameboard.


Guess the character in Hebrew, helps build long-lasting confidence in the Hebrew language. For example, knowing the Hebrew word for "book" or "eraser" allows young learners to use the language in a practical context, which can help to improve their overall Hebrew language skills.


Furthermore, learning school supply-themed Hebrew vocabulary can also help children to feel more connected to their Hebrew school environment. Knowing the Hebrew words for everyday items can make the classroom feel more familiar and less intimidating. As a result, children feel more connected to the Hebrew language, an integral part of Jewish heritage.


SAVE with the "Let's Talk About School" Bundle

Guess the Character, in Hebrew!

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