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Tefillah Mystery Reveal: Chatzi Kaddish

This ready-to-go Mystery Message activity for perfect for distance Hebrew classrooms. Your students will practice their Hebrew reading skills while gaining fluency with words from the Chatzi Kaddish.


Formatted in Google Slides, simply share your screen and remote access.



Two mystery images and a quiz are provided, but you can easily add your own mystery image or message by changing the background.


Board 1-Paragraph 1

Q: In which language is the Chatzi Kaddish Prayer written?

A. Arabic B. Aramaic C. Hebrew


Board 2-Paragraph 3

Q: What is the capital of Israel?

A: Jerusalem


Board 3- Middle line and Oseh Shalom Prayer with Quiz's Answer.

Q: After Tokyo and New York, which Israeli city has the world's third-highest number of sushi restaurants per capita?

A: Tel Aviv



This activity is so easy to use! Student(s) randomly select word boxes to read. Once read accurately, delete the box. Continue the process until all the slides are deleted and the mystery image or message is revealed.


Before You Buy

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Tefillah Mystery Reveal: Chatzi Kaddish

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