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Introduction to Modern Hebrew Vocabulary: Master Pack

Mix, match, and create dozens of sentences with the Modern Hebrew Vocabulary Master Pack!


This bundle of modern Hebrew vocabulary units is packed with reference guides, worksheets, and engaging activities beyond routine memorization of words and syntax rules. The vocabulary guides and cubes are color-coded for conjugation to correspond with their specific part of speech. This well-designed approach helps students grasp sentence syntax and understand the connections between different parts of a sentence, giving them the freedom to generate different sentence variations with every roll.


Best of all,  prior knowledge or understanding of conversational Hebrew is not required. They'll learn all the necessary Hebrew vocabulary words through the guides and worksheets provided.



1. Introduction to Family & Emotions

2. Introduction to Hebrew Pronouns

3. Introduction to Possessive Pronouns

4. Introduction to Food 



Introduction to Modern Hebrew Vocabulary: Master Pack

$29.50 Regular Price
$25.40Sale Price
  • A bundle is a collection of two or more individual resources offered at a discounted rate when purchased together.

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