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This comprehensive unit comes with vocabulary guides, worksheets, and activities designed to build modern Hebrew language skills. 


Students will learn simple vocabulary words for immediate family members and basic emotions through color-coded vocabulary guides, worksheets, and activities. Best of all, prior knowledge or understanding of conversational Hebrew is not required. They'll learn all the necessary Hebrew vocabulary words through the guides and worksheets provided.


They’ll solidify their understanding of Hebrew sentence structure with an interactive "Roll-a-Hebrew Sentence" activity. This activity will prompt them to roll the color-coded cubes, each representing a specific part of speech. This clever approach ensures students can effortlessly and accurately create multiple sentences in the correct word order, improving their conversational Hebrew skills.



Vocabulary Reference Guides

9 Reinforcement Worksheets

Card Games

3 Vocabulary Cubes

Roll-a-Hebrew-Sentence Activity

Answer Keys


Hebrew Vocabulary Words in this Unit

Cube 1: Family








Cube 2: Verbs

feels (m)

feels (f)


Cube 3: Emotions Cube

1. happy

2. sad

3. angry

4. tired

5. afraid

6. bored


SAVE BIG with the Master Pack

Introduction to Family & Emotions Vocabulary

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