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Tefillah App Sort Bundle

Teaching Tefillah can be a challenge. While on their Bar/Bat Mitzvah journies, students are expected to comprehend prayers in Hebrew, a language most children in the diaspora do not understand. Furthermore, they're expected to practice reading the words from a siddur with a font size unsuitable for new learners.



Tefillah App Sort 

Tefillah App Sort is an interactive and visual learning activity that helps students understand the essential themes of the Barchu, Yotzer Or, Shema, V'ahavta, Mi Chamocha, and Amidah prayers. It can be used as an introduction or review of the prayers, making for a great display on a bulletin board.


You'll receive two versions, one with the names of the prayers written in English and the other in Hebrew.


Tefillah Handouts for Beginners

These decorative, student-friendly Tefillah handouts are far less intimidating than a photocopy from a siddur. Each page is accompanied by an image representing the Hebrew prayer's theme, making it more appealing to children. In addition, the enlarged reader-friendly font helps new Hebrew readers with decoding.


You will also have the option to customize them with a FREE Canva account! Simply click on the link provided to access their collection of free images, where you can add a business logo, students' names, colors, fonts, images, and more!


This starter pack includes the following Hebrew prayers with their English translations:

The Shabbat Blessings

The Barchu

Yotzer Or

Mi Chamocha

Tzur Yisrael

The Amidah prayer is broken into two segments:

  • Avot v'Imahot
  • G'vurot

You'll receive two versions of the G'vurot section of the Amidah prayer: one with הַכֹּל and the other with מֵתִים. Select according to your congregation's preference.

Tefillah App Sort Bundle

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  • A bundle is a collection of two or more individual resources offered at a discounted rate when purchased together.

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