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Bringing the Passover Story to Life

As Jewish educators, Passover presents us with opportunities to teach our students about the holiday's history and traditions, engage them in meaningful discussions about freedom and liberation, and help them connect with their Jewish identity and heritage.

By approaching Passover with creativity, relevance, and continuity, we can help our students develop a deep appreciation for this holiday and its message of freedom and hope. Here are some ideas for doing just that!

1. Make it relevant

Passover is an opportunity to spread messages about freedom and social justice. As a Jewish educator, it's important to help your students understand how the themes of Passover relate to their own lives and the world around them. Discuss issues such as slavery, oppression, immigration, and civil rights, while encouraging your students to think critically and empathetically.

2. Use creative teaching methods

Passover is an excellent opportunity to implement teaching methods beyond traditional lectures and readings. Practice decoding the words to the Four Questions with a BINGO game. You can also use role-playing, storytelling, art, activity sheets, cartoons, and music to help your students connect with the holiday on a deeper level. For example, you can have your students create their own Haggadah, design a seder plate, or act out the ten plagues.

3. Engage families

Passover is a family-oriented holiday, and involving families in the learning process can help reinforce the lessons and create a sense of community. You can provide families with resources, such as Passover recipes, discussion questions, and activities they can do at home. You can also invite families to participate in a communal seder or other Passover-related events.

4. Emphasize continuity

Passover is part of a rich Jewish tradition that spans thousands of years. As a Jewish educator, it's essential to help your students see themselves as part of this continuity and instill a sense of pride and responsibility for carrying on the traditions. You can encourage your students to connect with their ancestors, learn about different Jewish communities and customs within the Ashkenazi and Sephardic cultures, and explore the diverse expressions of Jewish identity.


Take a look at these easy-to-use Passover printables!

Get your kids excited about Passover with a variety of fun and educational Passover Activity Sheets! The "Crack the Code" activity will challenge their detective skills, while the "Word Search" and "Crossword Puzzle" will improve their Passover vocabulary and holiday knowledge. They'll recall Passover events by unscrambling and identifying the ten plagues and using the word "hametz" to identify foods unkosher for Passover. A "Coloring Sheet" featuring an image of Moses walking through the divided Red Sea is a fun and relaxing activity, so grab a pack of crayons or colored pencils.


Creative ways to teach the Four Questions!

Your students will be able to strengthen their Hebrew reading skills while practicing the words to the Four Questions. These easy-to-use activities will transform your classroom into a fun and dynamic learning environment!


Passover Picture BINGO for classrooms and seders!

Bring your class together with Passover Picture BINGO! All you'll need is one BINGO card and one pencil per player! This game can also be used at your Passover Seder!


Symbols of Passover Color & Trace Booklet

The Passover Color & Trace Booklet is a fun and interactive way to introduce young children to traditional Passover symbols. Assembly is a breeze...just print and fold. No cutting required! Place them on the children's section of your seder table.


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