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Passover Hebrew Literacy Games

This four-pack of easy-to-use game boards encourages friendly competition, teamwork, and a love for learning. Designed for two players, they provide enjoyable ways to enhance Hebrew reading skills while practicing 44 Passover-themed words.



Board 1: Hebrew Dots & Boxes: Four Questions

Board 2: Hebrew Roll & Read: Passover Vocabulary 

Board 3: Hebrew Dots & Boxes: Four Questions

Board 4: Hebrew Dots & Boxes: Passover Vocabulary 


You'll also receive a decorative, student-friendly handout with the Four Questions.


Hebrew Roll & Read: Passover Edition

This fun game breaks away from the traditional worksheets commonly used for Hebrew reading practice. Perfect for two players, it provides a fun and interactive way to improve reading skills. You'll just need one copy per player, a pencil, and a die to share. No dice? No problem! The game includes a template that can be used in place of a traditional die.


Hebrew Dots & Boxes: Passover Edition

The goal of the game is to "close" more boxes than your opponent. Detailed Instructions are included. Play over and over to gain fluency! Check out my blog post about the inspiration behind the Hebrew Dots & Boxes game.


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Passover Hebrew Literacy Games

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