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How I transformed my favorite impromptu game on the "kid's menu" into a no-prep Hebrew lesson plan

Dots & Boxes was one of my favorite impromptu games when I was a kid. Classic to children's restaurant menus, it conveniently entertained us while we waited for our "kid's meals." As soon as the hostess placed the crayons on our table, my brother and I dove into a serious competition to see who could "close" more boxes.

I was reminded of the game on a recent restaurant trip with my children. Right next to the word search, I realized this classic game is still making its rounds on children's menus across the country. Since most kids already know the rules or the game, I thought, why not turn it into a "no-prep" Hebrew game?

In the Hebrew version of this game, students can practice their decoding skills by reading the Hebrew words before

connecting them. After getting the seal of approval from

my students, Hebrew Dots & Boxes has proven to entertain kids while practicing their decoding skills.

Plus, it's still one of my favorite impromptu games and even makes a convenient emergency lesson plan.

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