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"Must Have" Back 2 Hebrew School Activities & Resources

Setting up my Hebrew School classroom during this time of year used to fill me with excitement. Every little detail contributed to the overall ambiance, from sharpening pencils to hanging up posters. However, it also brought its fair share of challenges. Balancing my day job while planning engaging "Back to Hebrew School" activities was no easy task, especially when I wanted to capture my students' attention after a long day at their regular school.

Throughout my teaching journey, I have created resources that have become go-to references, from Hebrew classroom supplies designed to support learning throughout the academic year to engaging activities that fostered a strong sense of community among my students. These resources have played a vital role in shaping my classroom environment. In this blog post, I will showcase my favorites.

Synagogue Scavenger Hunt is an exciting team-building activity that will take your students on a captivating exploration to uncover the meaning behind the Jewish "artifacts" within the walls of their very own synagogue.

About Me in Hebrew Apps takes a fresh spin on the "About Me" activity. Students will learn more about one another while practicing basic Hebrew reading, writing, and vocabulary. They also make an impressive bulletin board display!

Mitzvah Memos provide a subtle way of acknowledging your students' random acts of kindness. When we "catch 'em being good," children of all ages are more likely to repeat the behavior.

Whether fastened to desks, folders, or books, Alef-Bet reference strips remain handy guides throughout the entire school year.

Get organized in Hebrew!

Not only are they practical and decorative, labeling commonly used classroom objects promotes language acquisition!

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