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Tefillah Handouts for Beginners

This pack of Tefillah handouts provide students with a visually appealing alternative to traditional, black-and-white photocopies from a siddur. Each page includes an image corresponding to the prayer theme, aiding students' comprehension. The enlarged font ensures that the handouts are easy to read and follow.


You'll also receive a link to customize these handouts with Canva's free editor, where you can add clipart, images, and your synagogue's logo or play around with fonts and colors.



The Shabbat Blessings

The Barchu

Yotzer Or

Mi Chamocha

Tzur Yisrael

The Amidah separated into two parts

  • The Avot v'Imahot
  • The G'vurot
  • V'ahavta


You'll also receive two versions of the G'vurot section of the Amidah prayer: one with הַכֹּל and the other with מֵתִים. Select according to your congregation's preference.


Upgrade to the bundle!

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Tefillah Handouts for Beginners

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