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Design Your Dream Kibbutz Booklet & Activity

What is a Kibbutz? What makes this lifestyle so unique? This 14-page booklet provides clear explanations and fascinating facts to help your students understand the kibbutz lifestyle and how they influenced the creation of Modern Israel.


The booklet also features a built-in activity where students can design a map of a kibbutz. The planning page will prompt them to make important decisions, such as whether to include children's houses, the types of businesses they envision, and the recreational activities they would like to include.


Once complete, students can present their maps to the class. They also make an impressive bulletin board display.


Before You Buy

You may also be interested in the historical images edition of the Kibbutz Booklet & Activity, or you can upgrade to the Israel Education Bundle and get both versions for the price of one!

Design Your Dream Kibbutz Booklet & Activity

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