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Israel Education Bundle

Explore Israel's history, kibbutz movement, popular destinations, and more with this bundle of resources.



Yom Ha'azmaut Worksheets

This comprehensive Israel-themed activity pack is designed to immerse learners in themes connected to the land of Israel. Use them independently or in pairs.


Mock Trip to Israel

Journey through Israel and learn about its destination and landmarks. This 14-page template will take your students to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Eilat while stopping at the famous landmarks of Shuk Ha'Carmel, the Western Wall, the Dead Sea, Masada, and the Red Sea.


Design Your Dream Kibbutz

What is a Kibbutz? What makes this lifestyle so unique? This informative booklet has the answers and comes with a fun built-in activity that will bring the Kibbutz movement to life. This 14-page booklet is carefully crafted to provide students with a thorough understanding of the kibbutz lifestyle. It covers topics such as the principles of communal living, the roles of community members, and children's housing. The booklet is presented in an age-appropriate manner for upper elementary school students with clear explanations, interesting facts, and historical images.

The Historical Images & Cartoon Images editions are Included for the price of one!


The Five Waves of Immigration to Palestine

Bring history to life! This set of educational resources is designed to empower educators like you in delivering engaging and informative lessons about the five major waves of Jewish immigration from Europe to Palestine during the late 19th to early 20th centuries.

Israel Education Bundle

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  • A bundle is a collection of two or more individual resources offered at a discounted rate when purchased together.

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