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Digital Roll & Read: Final Chaf Practice

Digital Hebrew Roll & Read is a unique and fun game for Hebrew School students to practice their reading skills in a virtual classroom. This easy-to-use game is perfect for two players and provides a fun and interactive way to improve reading skills. This edition focuses on the "final chaf".



Screen 1: Final Chaf Version 1

Screen 2: Final Chaf Version 2

That's a total of 48 practice words!


How to Play

Through a screen share and remote control access, you and your student will take turns rolling a virtual die. The active player selects any word from the column based on the die's roll and reads it aloud. To signify that they've read the word, the player drags and drops their marker onto it.


If a player rolls the same number on a different turn, they must choose an unmarked word to read, preventing them from reading the same word twice. Nevertheless, both players are allowed to read and mark the same word during the game. The first player to read one word from an entire column is declared the winner.


This game is formatted in Google Slides and PowerPoint.

Google Slides: Just click to roll or install the free Chrome extension (recommended).

PowerPoint: Virtual dice are already embedded.  


Get the printable version of this game.

Digital Roll & Read: Final Chaf Practice

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