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Roll & Read Set: Tefillah Edition

Tefillah Roll & Read is an easy-to-use game designed to improve prayer word retention and Hebrew literacy skills. This edition includes 48 practice words focusing on the Shabbat, Barchu, Shema, and Tzur Yisrael prayers. You'll also receive four prayer handouts to assist with your instruction.


How to Play

Players take turns rolling the die, reading, and circling a word from the matching column. The first player to read and circle at least one Hebrew word from each column wins.



Board 1: Shabbat Blessings (candles, wine, challah)

Board 2: Barchu, Shema, Tzur Yisrael

Shabbat Blessings Prayer Handout

Barchu Prayer Handout

Shema Prayer Handout

Tzur Yisrael Handout


No dice? No problem! The game includes a template that can be used in place of a traditional die.

Roll & Read Set: Tefillah Edition

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