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Early Childhood Hanukkah Worksheets

Young learners will enhance their literacy and numeracy skills, gain insight into the symbolism of Hanukkah, and explore the dreidel. This generous collection includes over 50 pages of fun, Hanukkah-themed worksheets.


Numeracy Skills: Children will embark on an exciting journey into numerical concepts by counting the candles on the menorah, practicing numerical writing, connecting the dots, and more.


Literacy Development: This set provides ample opportunities for children to hone their handwriting skills, explore phonetic sounds, and expand their Hanukkah-specific vocabulary.


The Dreidel: While young children may not yet be ready to read Hebrew, this learning pack will introduce them to the letters associated with the Hanukkah dreidel through enjoyable coloring and tracing activities.


Cultural Exploration: Children will learn about the cultural symbols of Hanukkah, including gelt, dreidels, menorahs, candles, oil, and more.


Bonus Materials: To make your Hanukkah lesson plans complete, you'll also receive a copy of the Hanukkah blessings, lyrics to two fun Hanukkah songs, and instructions for the dreidel game.



Early Childhood Hanukkah Worksheets

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