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Hebrew 4 in a Row: Cholam vs. Shuruk Vowel Practice

Hebrew 4 in a Row will increase enjoyment, motivation, and a love of learning while strengthening Hebrew literacy skills. Through friendly competition, students will enhance their Hebrew decoding abilities while focusing on differentiating the sounds of the Hebrew vowels. Boards A & B focus on the cholam וֹ and shuruk וּ when combined with the letter vav, while Boards C & D add the cholam without the vav and shuruk with three dots.


You'll receive four game-board worksheets with a total of 84 practice words targeting these vowels.


These ready-to-go worksheets are so easy to use! Just grab one copy for each pair and two different colored pencils.


How to Play

Number of Players: 2

Begin at the bottom row. Using two different colored pencils, players alternate reading the words before marking them. The first player to mark 4 in a row in any direction wins! Play multiple times for extra practice.


Hebrew 4 in a Row: Cholam vs. Shuruk Vowel Practice

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