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Tefillah 4 in a Row Bundle

Tefillah 4-in-a-Row is an exciting, easy-to-use, no-prep approach to reading and gaining fluency with the words from the V'ahavta, Avot v'Imathot, and G'vurot prayers. 


These no-prep worksheets are designed to create a playful and approachable learning experience through the familiar partner-based game of Connect 4. This makes them ideal for students who may feel less confident in their Hebrew language skills. With two versions available, each featuring a different word order, there are ample opportunities for practice and reinforcement.



One worksheet per pair

Two different colored pencils


How to Play

Begin at the bottom row. Using two different colors, players alternate reading the words before marking them. The first player to color in 4 words in any direction wins!



You'll Receive a total of 6 practice worksheets in color and black and white copies.

  • Two V'ahavta 4-in-a-Row Worksheets in different word order.
  • Two Avot v'Imahot 4-in-a-Row Worksheets in different word order.
  • Two G'vurot 4-in-a-Row Worksheets in different word order.



Tefillah 4 in a Row Bundle

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