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Hebrew 4 in a Row: Sheva Vowel Practice

This edition of Hebrew 4 in a Row is designed for progressing Hebrew readers. Through play and some friendly competition, students will strengthen their decoding skills through a targeted set of words focusing on the Sheva vowel. 


With 84 practice words across four different worksheet game boards, students have ample opportunities to tackle this vowel, which does not always behave the same way. Worksheet boards 1 and 2 target the sheva vowel and are accompanied by the kamatz and patach vowels, while worksheet boards 3 and 4 add the chirik vowel to the mix.


How to Play

Number of Players: 2

Begin at the bottom row. Using two different colored pencils, players alternate reading the words before marking them. The first player to mark 4 in a row in any direction wins! Play multiple times for extra practice.



84 practice words targeting the sheva vowel

Board A: sheva, kamatz, patach)

Board B (sheva, kamatz, patach)

Board C (sheva, kamatz, patach, chirik)

Board D (sheva, kamatz, patach, chirik)

Hebrew 4 in a Row: Sheva Vowel Practice

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