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Digital Hebrew 4 in a Row: Level 4

Digital Hebrew 4 in a Row is an easy-to-use, dynamic, no-prep game designed for virtual classrooms, projectors, and other digital learning platforms. 


Whether you're engaging in a one-on-one session with a student or facilitating a friendly competition between peers, this digital delight can be enjoyed by learners of all ages! Your students will absolutely love reading, dragging, and dropping the digital markers onto the Hebrew words.


What's Included

You'll receive two game boards with 42 practice words. Check out the thumbnail for the comprehensive list of words featured in this interactive game.


How to Play

Here's how it works: Remembering the mantra "Say it" before you "Play it," students take turns strategically placing their markers on the board. The goal? Be the first to achieve 4 in a row, in any direction, and claim victory!


This game is formatted in Google Slides formatted for smooth navigation and easy integration.


Save when you upgrade to the Digital 4 in a Row Bundle.

Digital Hebrew 4 in a Row: Level 4

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