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Let's Talk About School, in Hebrew!  Bundle

Learning conversational Hebrew can be an exciting addition to your students' Hebrew school journies. This bundle includes a combination of resources and games to support school supply-themed Hebrew vocabulary words and phrases.


Hebrew Classroom Labels

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Get organized, in Hebrew!

When displayed around your classroom throughout the school year, Hebrew language learners will quickly become familiar with the Hebrew words for pencils, erasers, chalkboards, bathroom, and so on! Take a look at the preview for the full list of Hebrew words. 


Guess the Character, in Hebrew!

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School-themed vocabulary is one of the units my 5th graders enjoy most. I think it has to do with its practicality of it. I'd introduce it early on, so Hebrew words like "עִפָּרוֹן" and "מִסְפָּרַיִם" quickly became part of our classroom vocabulary for the remainder of the school year.


“Guess the Character, in Hebrew” is designed to build school supply-themed vocabulary. Students try to guess their opponent's "mystery character" through a series of simple "כֵּן" and "לֹא" questions".


This easy-to-use activity includes all the vocabulary they'll need, with words and phrases color-coded for conjugation.


Modeled after the popular Guess Who? game, this version is designed to keep the Hebrew conversation flowing. Through play, your students will use the Hebrew language vocabulary words from this lesson to reinforce their Hebrew language vocabulary and conversation skills, to find out who their opponent's Mystery Character is.



This download includes vocabulary lists and reinforcement worksheets with all the Hebrew words and phrases required to play the game.

  • Vocabulary Guide: Possessive Pronouns.
  • Vocabulary Guide: School Supplies.
  • Sentence Starters handout.
  • Hebrew "game questions" guide. 
  • Handout for students to come up with their game questions in Hebrew.
  • Gameboard: Guess the Character in Hebrew.
  • 16 individual character cards.
  • Markers to cover the gameboard.

Roll-a-Hebrew Sentence: Possessive Pronoun & School Supplies Unit

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Accompanied by a variety of Hebrew resources, this edition of Roll-a-Hebrew Sentence focuses on forming simple Hebrew sentences, such as "I have a pencil", "she has an eraser", and other school supplies-themed combinations. Roll-a-Hebrew-Sentence cubes are excellent tools for practicing sentence syntax. This style of learning is proven to assist in memorization and a deeper understanding of classroom material.

Let's Talk About School, in Hebrew! Bundle

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  • A bundle is a collection of two or more individual resources offered at a discounted rate when purchased together.

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