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Purim Activity Bundle

Get excited for the month of Adar with this fun collection! These activities are easy to set up and can be used in classrooms, Purim Carnival stations, or both!



Purim Activity Sheets

From cracking a secret code to coloring sheets, this set of Purim worksheets has something for every age group. Print enough copies for your classroom or carnival stations, gather pencils and crayons, and you're good to go!  Learn More


Purim BINGO 

Bring your students, carnival attendees, and party guests together with Purim BINGO. Perfect for all ages, players will enjoy some friendly competition while searching their boards for hamentashen, a Megillah, masks, and other Purim holiday symbols.


For added convenience, opt for pencils instead of chips to mark the spaces. Cleanup is effortless too! Just recycle the "boards" and reprint them year after year! Learn More


Illustrate the Story of Purim 

Kids will learn the Purim story through illustration. An extended activity where kids can create a "Wanted" Poster for Haman is also included. Learn More


Before You Buy

Never worry about planning for a Jewish holiday again when you upgrade to the Jewish Holiday Survival Kit. 


Upgrade to the Purim and Passover Holiday Pack.


Purim Activity Bundle

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