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Shofars and Ladders

Shofars and Ladders is an easy-to-use, no-drill Hebrew worksheet designed to strengthen Hebrew reading skills through play. This game is a hands-on alternative to the typical line-by-line reading drills in Hebrew books.


You'll receive two Hebrew board game boards with over 70 words.



1. Board 1: Level 2 Beginners

2. Board 2: Cholam Vowel Practice

3. Printable Game Pieces

4. Printable dice template


Number of Players: 2-3


How to Play

Modeled after the much-beloved childhood game Chutes and Ladders, students read and race to the Land of Israel while trying not to slide down one of the shofars!


Students take turns rolling the die and moving that number of spaces. Upon landing on a space, the player reads the word.


When landing at the tip of a shofar, players slide down and remain in that space until the next turn. On the contrary, players landing at the bottom of a ladder skip ahead by "climbing" to the top. The first player to reach the last space wins! 

Shofars and Ladders

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