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Sukkot Worksheets

This collection of Sukkot worksheets are perfect for keeping elementary school students engaged while they're in the sukkah. They offer a fun and enjoyable way for students to learn important information about this significant holiday.


Simply place the activity sheets and blessings in your sukkah, along with some pencils, and you're ready to go!


Whether working independently or with a partner, students will learn the meaning behind the holiday. They'll strengthen their vocabulary with words like lulav, etrog, and ushpizin while learning that Sukkot always falls on a full moon and commemorates the 40 years the Israelites spent wandering in the desert.



They'll create a silly Sukkot story with a Mad Libs activity, complete a challenging crossword puzzle, an exciting word search, and unscramble & decode challenges. Two funny fallen phrases worksheets are also included to add some laughter to the learning process. Answer Keys are included.


You'll also receive two versions of the Sukkot blessings: one with transliteration and one without.


Best of all, these Sukkot worksheets require absolutely no preparation, making them the perfect solution for busy teachers who want to provide an enriching and enjoyable learning experience for their students.


Never Worry about Lesson-Planning for a Jewish Holiday Again!

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Sukkot Worksheets

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