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Download the Entire Store!

This comprehensive collection of over 100 Jewish educational resources empowers busy teachers to deliver impactful lessons while saving hours of planning!


Designed to engage students, these low-prep materials inspire a love for learning and deepen their connection to Jewish holidays, Tefillah, Hebrew, Culture, and more. 


All resources are provided as instant downloads, allowing you to reprint them for your entire class year after year, making them a budget-friendly alternative to books.


The virtual collection is not included in this bundle.



Jewish Holidays

Jewish Calendar Coloring Wheel

Judaism Color & Trace Booklet

All Jewish Holiday Blessings

Hanukkah Activity Sheets

Hanukkah Headbands

Hanukkah Picture BINGO

Hanukkah: Early Childhood Hanukkah Activity Pack

Hanukkah Dreidel Discovery Booklet

Judaism Color & Trace Booklet

Passover Picture BINGO

Passover Worksheets

Purim Activity Sheets

Purim Basket Craft

Passover Symbols Booklet


Purim Hebrew Roll & Read Game

Purim: Illustrate the Story of Purim Booklet

Rosh Hashanah Activity Sheets

Rosh Hashanah BINGO

Rosh Hashanah Color & Trace Booklet

Rosh Hashanah Memory Game

Rosh Hashanah Reflections

Rosh Hashanah: Early Childhood Activity Pack

Shavuot Activity Sheets

Sukkot Activity Sheets

Sukkot Picture BINGO

Symbols of Rosh Hashanah Booklet

Tu Bishvat Accordion Booklet

Tu Bishvat Activity Sheets

Tu Bishvat Color & Trace Booklet

Yom Ha’atzmaut Worksheets


Hebrew Literacy

Alef-Bet Reference Handout

Alef-Bet Reference Strips

Alef-Bet BINGO

Alef-Bet Bulletin Board Letters & Vowels

Alef-Bet Classroom Border

Alef-Bet Flashcards

Always eh Vowels Worksheets

Ask it in Hebrew Question Labels

Color by Final Letter

Color by Hebrew Letter

Color by Hebrew Vowel

Color the Alef-Bet Booklet

Block to Cursive Flashcards

Cursive Reference Chart Handout

Dragon and Iguana Trap

Troll Trap

Final Chaf BINGO

Hebrew 4 in a Row Patach and Kamatz Vowels

Hebrew 4 in a Row Sheva Vowels

Hebrew 4 in a Row Cholam vs. Shuruk Edition

Stolen Patach BINGO

Hebrew Dots & Boxes Cholam and Shuruk Vowels

Hebrew Month and Weekday Labels

Hebrew Birthday Bulletin Board Decor

Monster Trap Mastering the Entire Hebrew Alphabet

Mouse Trap Final Hebrew Letter 

Roll & Read Game Final Chaf

Roll & Read Game Cholam Edition

Roll & Read Gimmel Shin vs. Sin

Shofars and Ladders

Whack-a-Hebrew Letter


Hebrew Vocabulary

Introduction to Family & Emotions Vocabulary

Introduction to Food Vocabulary

Introduction to Possessive Pronouns

Introduction to Pronouns

Restaurant Role-Play

About Me through Hebrew Apps

Guess the Character in Hebrew!



Avot v'Imahot Edition Tefillah 4 in a Row Worksheet

Editable Tefillah Handouts for Beginners

G'vurot Edition Tefillah 4 in a Row Worksheet

Jewish Life Vocabulary Games

Kedushah Dots & Boxes

Mini Booklet of Blessings

Roll & Read Game Tefillah Edition

Shabbat Vocabulary Builder

Synagogue Scavenger Hunt

Tefillah App Sort

Tefillah BINGO

Tzur Yisrael, Mi Chamocha, & Yotzer Or Activity Pack

V'ahavta Edition Tefillah 4 in a Row Worksheet

What Does it Even Mean?



Design Your Dream Kibbutz Booklet

Mock Israel Trip Passport Template

The Five Waves of Jewish Immigration to Palestine



Emergency Substitute Lesson Plans

Mitzvah Memos

Mensch Reward Tickets

Alef-Bet Certificate of Achievement

Think Like a Talmudic Scholar

Download the Entire Store!

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