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A Trip with my Daughter to the Little Kosher Market

Here in Silicon Valley, the gem of our Jewish community is "Pars Kosher Market". It's small, with narrow isles, just like the ones we are used to Israel. Yet they have all the random Israeli products we can't live without, right down to the Badin Laundry Detergent.

Last Thursday, my daughter and I walked in to the sound of a man, who we had never seen before, blowing the shofar. It was a literal wake-up call, reminding us that Rosh Hashanah is around the corner.

In Israel, Judaism is all around us. Tel Aviv's streets fall silent on Shabbat, and the smell of sufganiyot fills the air on Hanukkah. But in the diaspora, we have to "go to it". We feel it in our synagogues, Jewish Film Festivals, and of course, our little kosher market.


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