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Bulletin Board Bundle

Enhance your Hebrew School learning space with this collection bundle of practical bulletin board cutouts that you can utilize throughout the entire school year!



Hebrew Alef-Bet Bulletin Board Letters, Vowels, & Punctuation

These printable cutouts allow you to mix and match the Hebrew letters, vowels, and punctuation to create an endless variety of Hebrew words, holiday greetings, birthday wishes, and more! Display the letters across your room for students to reference throughout the school year. Best of all? No colored toner is required! Print them the paper color of your choice for added customization.


Hebrew Birthday Bulletin Board

Create a personalized birthday bulletin board in Hebrew!  This set of colorful cupcakes featuring the Hebrew months will add a touch of educational decorations to your classroom. You'll also receive bonus matching birthday certificates.


Hebrew Months & Weekday Labels

Incorporating Hebrew month and weekday labels into your classroom decor is a practical way to assist students with remembering Hebrew calendar vocabulary. The labels are thoughtfully arranged in rainbow order, making it easier for students to memorize the calendar's sequence.


Ask it in Hebrew! Question Labels

Displaying Hebrew vocabulary labels around your classroom is a practical and decorative way to promote language acquisition. This set of question labels serves as a helpful reminder when asking "who", "what", "when", "where", and "why".


Hebrew School Supplies Labels

Labeling commonly used classroom items in Hebrew is a practical and decorative way to promote language acquisition. Each label comes with a cartoon image to represent the Hebrew word. 

Bulletin Board Bundle

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