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Hebrew Classroom Starter Set

This comprehensive collection has everything you need to set up your Hebrew School classroom for success, making it a valuable resource for the school year.


Alef-Bet Classroom Border

Add practical decor to your classroom with an Alef-Bet border. The vibrant colors and enlarged font stand out from across the room. Hang them on your bulletin board or classroom wall! Read More


Alef-Bet Bulletin Board Letters & Vowels 

Design decorative and engaging bulletin boards for any occasion with an endless variety of Hebrew words, holiday greetings, and birthday wishes.  This complete set will allow you the freedom to mix and match the Hebrew letters, vowels, and punctuation. Read More


Hebrew Months Birthday Bulletin Board

Design a colorful and educational birthday bulletin board! This comprehensive set includes the 12 Hebrew months, a Hebrew birthday banner, and bonus birthday certificates. You'll also receive candle templates, allowing you to personalize them with your students' names. Read More


Alef-Bet Chart 

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Hebrew learner, this essential companion is a convenient tool to assist with the phonetic sounds of the Hebrew alphabet, letter formation, letter identification, and order. Read More


Alef-Bet Reference Strips 

Alef-Bet Reference Strips are essential tools for learning the Hebrew alphabet. They feature the Hebrew letters with pictures to match their phonetic sounds, making it simpler than ever to master the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. You can attach the strips to folders or use them as bookmarks throughout the entire school year! They come in different colors and designs your students can choose from. Read More


Alef-Bet Flash Cards

Alef-Bet Flash Cards are efficient tools for practicing, reviewing, and identifying the Hebrew letters of the Alef-Bet. The double-sided cards include the Hebrew letter on the front and an image representing the phonetic sound on the back, making it easier for independent practice. Read More


Hebrew Classroom Labels

These practical and decorative Hebrew vocabulary labels support language acquisition. Each label features a cartoon image that corresponds to a Hebrew vocabulary word. You'll receive two versions of each label – one with transliteration and the other without.  Read More


"Ask it in Hebrew" Labels

Display Hebrew vocabulary labels around your classroom, serving as practical and decorative tools that aid in language acquisition. These labels help students ask questions like "who," "what," "when," "where," and "why." Read More


Hebrew Month & Weekday Calendar Labels

Reinforce Jewish calendar vocabulary by displaying Hebrew month and weekday labels in your classroom. Read More


Mitzvah Memos

Recognizing students' acts of kindness with "Mitzvah Memos" is a subtle way of acknowledging a good deed. When we "catch 'em being good," children of all ages are more likely to repeat the behavior. Read More


Mensch Rewards

Each "Mensch Award" ticket features a delightful clipart representing the award incentive, making it visually appealing to students. Read More


Alef-Bet Certificate of Achievement

Acknowledge the achievement of new Hebrew readers with a certificate of completion. The template features a colorful design lined with the Hebrew Alphabet's letters. Read More


Hebrew Classroom Starter Set

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  • A bundle is a collection of two or more individual resources offered at a discounted rate when purchased together.

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