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Color & Learn Alef-Bet Phonetics

The Color & Learn Alef-Bet Phonetics set includes a Hebrew Reference Coloring Sheet and Flashcards. Designed for English speakers, each Hebrew letter and vowel is paired with a black-and-white image for students to color. This interactive learning approach aids memory retention of the Hebrew letters and their sounds. By coloring images that correspond to each letter's phonetic sound, children create strong visual and auditory associations that enhance their recall.


Use the Alef-Bet Flashcards to practice, review, and identify Hebrew letters and vowels. These flashcards can be used for independent practice, allowing children to review and reinforce their knowledge at their own pace, or for partner game practice, promoting collaborative learning through repetition and interaction. The double-sided cards are prealigned for easy printing.



Color the Alef-Bet Reference Chart

Flashcards: Color the Phonetic Sounds



Color & Learn Alef-Bet Phonetics

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