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Hebrew Letters & Vowels Review Bundle

This incredible assortment of easy-to-use worksheets, games, and activities will save you hours of lesson planning. These resources in this collection are thoughtfully crafted to support busy teachers in reinforcing, instructing, or evaluating students in Hebrew letters and vowels while making learning experiences more enjoyable. The complete Targeted Hebrew Vowel Practice Bundle is included within this collection.



Alef-Bet Reference Handout

Alef-Bet Reference Strips

Alef-Bet Flash Cards

Alef-Bet Coloring Booklet

Whack-a-Hebrew Letter

Alef-Bet BINGO

Color by Hebrew Letter

Color by Hebrew Vowel

Color by Final Letter

Monster Trap

Dragon Trap

Mouse Trap

Troll Trap, Alien Trap, & Yeti Trap

Shin vs. Sin Roll & Read

Final Chaf Roll & Read

Final Chaf BINGO

Hebrew 4 in a Row, Kamatz & Patach Practice

Hebrew 4 in a Row, Sheva Vowel Practice

Always "eh" Hebrew Vowel Practice

Stolen Patach Hebrew Vowel Practice

Stolen Patach BINGO

Cholam Vowel Roll & Read

Cholam & Shuruk Dots & Boxes


Want even more? Get the Entire Store!

Hebrew Letters & Vowels Review Bundle

$108.25 Regular Price
$93.50Sale Price
  • A bundle is a collection of two or more individual resources offered at a discounted rate when purchased together.

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