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Jewish Calendar Wheel

The Jewish Calendar Wheel serves as a coloring activity aimed at helping students visualize the link between the Jewish and Gregorian calendars. Through coloring, students can better understand why Jewish holidays, like Hanukkah, shift on the Gregorian calendar. This exercise also aids students in learning the names of the Hebrew months and the yearly cycle of Jewish holidays.


Once complete, parents can proudly showcase their child's calendar wheels on their refrigerators to serve as handy reference tools for years to come. You can even turn them into a magnet by laminating the front and placing a magnet on the back.



Calendar Wheel Coloring Template (Front)

List of major Jewish Holidays (Back) *optional

Two Fun Reinforcement Worksheets

Gregorian vs. Jewish Calendar Comparison Chart


Note: An extra month of Adar is added on leap years. Therefore, the alignment of the calendar wheel will be slightly off on leap years.

Jewish Calendar Wheel

  • Jewish Holidays

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