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Rosh Hashanah Bundle

This bundle of Rosh-Hashanah themed printables is perfect for high-holiday programming! As students trickle into your Jewish New Year's high-holiday programming, keep them entertained with a variety of Rosh-Hashanah activities to choose from. 


Your students will become reacquainted with their classmates through a special edition of the icebreaker "Human BINGO". Students will learn about one another through prompts like, "knows the year on the Hebrew calendar" and "Can blow a shofar".


They'll also solve the Rosh-Hashanah-themed crossword puzzle, complete a word search, color in pictures, and play a Jewish New Year-themed game of 4 in a Row. Answer keys to all puzzles are included.


Rosh Hashanah Activity Pack

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People BINGO
Four in a Row

Word Search

Crossword Puzzle

Crack the Code

Create a Wacky Rosh Hashanah Story (compare to Mad Libs)

Coloring Sheets


Printer Friendly Version Included:

Rosh Hashanah Blessings with Transliterations

Rosh Hashanah Blessings without Transliterations

Answer Keys


Rosh Hashanah Picture BINGO

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Bring your classroom together with Rosh Hashanah Picture BINGO! This game is simple and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. No markers or chips are required, just one board and one pencil per player.


The set comes with 32 cards that feature colorful Rosh Hashanah-themed images, including round challah, Jonah and the Whale, apples, honey, and more!


Instructions: Using a pencil, players mark the boxes with an X as the corresponding image is called. The first player to achieve a line of five in a row, in any direction, is the winner and must shout "BINGO!" to signal their victory. You do not need to call out the BINGO letters.


32 Rosh Hashanah BINGO Cards

Call cards


Bonus Rosh Hashanah Memory Game


Rosh Hashanah Bundle

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$8.50Sale Price
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