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Dragon Trap Game Set: Hebrew Vowels Practice

Alef-Bet Dragon Trap is an easy-to-use, partner-based game that brings an interactive and engaging twist to decoding a targeted group of Hebrew vowel sounds. Through play combined with a bit of friendly competition, students will sharpen their identification skills by focusing on targeted sets of Hebrew letters and vowel combinations.


This edition focuses on the kamatz, patch, chataf patach, chirik, sheva, tsere, segol, chataf segol, kibbutz, shuruk, and cholam vowels. A helpful vowel reference guide is included for the convenience of your Hebrew learners. You'll also receive a third game board as an added bonus!



Dragon Trap 1: Students will practice identifying vowel sounds combined with the letter Alef to emphasize individual phonetic sounds of the vowels.


Dragon Trap 2:  Students will improve their decoding skills by focusing on a specific group of Hebrew letters and vowels.


Iguana Trap: Bonus Game for Letter Recognition.


Hebrew Vowel Reference Guide


Printable dice template


How to Play

To start playing, each player will need a copy of the game sheet, a pencil, and a die. Simply roll the die (or use the printable template provided) and shade in any box that corresponds to the vowel sounds at the top of the sheet. The first player to shade in eight boxes surrounding any Dragon wins!


Before you Buy

Create unlimited Trap Games when you upgrade to the Editable Trap Game Bundle.


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Dragon Trap Game Set: Hebrew Vowels Practice

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