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Targeted Vowel Practice Bundle

Introduce new Hebrew vowels or offer additional practice with this set of ready-to-go games, each designed to concentrate on a particular group of Hebrew vowels.



Dragon Trap

Through play, students will identify a targeted group of vowel sounds. These vowels are the kamatz, patch, chataf patach, chirik, sheva, tsere, segol, chataf segol, kibbutz, shuruk, and cholam.


Color by Hebrew Vowel

Color by Hebrew Vowel will assess your students' knowledge of common Hebrew vowels. Using the key, students color the puzzle pieces with matching vowel sounds. 


Hebrew 4 in a Row: Sheva Vowel Practice

This edition of Hebrew 4 in a Row is designed for progressing Hebrew readers. Through play and some friendly competition, students will strengthen their decoding skills through a targeted set of words focusing on the Sheva vowel. 


Always eh Target Reading Practice

This unit establishes a connection between the common visual appearances of the segol, chataf segol, and tsere vowel through targeted vowel practice, tic tac toe, and maze.


Stolen Patach Worksheet Set

These supplemental sheets will help reinforce this exception to the rule.


Roll & Read: Cholam Vowel Edition

Hebrew Roll & Read is an easy-to-use game designed to improve Hebrew literacy skills. This edition includes 40 practice words spread over two game boards, targeting the "cholam" vowel.


Hebrew Dots & Boxes: Cholam & Patach Vowel Practice

This partner-based game includes 40 practice words targeting the cholam and patch vowels.


Before you Buy:

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Targeted Vowel Practice Bundle

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  • A bundle is a collection of two or more individual resources offered at a discounted rate when purchased together.

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