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Stolen Patach Targeted Vowel Practice

Meet Stolen Patach...a rule breaker. Grammatically speaking, that is!


Although this elusive character doesn't play by the rules, these worksheets are here to help your students harness the power of the Stolen Patach by applying targeted words and sounds through a maze, a game of tic tac toe, and more!


Information Sheet

This handout offers a student-friendly explanation of the Stolen Patach rule, making it easy for your students to grasp.



In this exercise, your students become detectives as they actively hunt for words featuring the Stolen Patach vowel, circling them along the way. It's a fun and interactive way to reinforce their understanding.


Connect the Rhyming Words

This activity helps students improve their phonemic awareness and deepens their grasp of the Stolen Patach rule. They'll sound out and connect rhyming words that feature the Stolen Patach vowel, further enhancing their language skills.


Tic Tac Toe

With a fun spin on this traditional game, players alternate reading and marking squares. The first player to get three in a row wins, all while strengthening their Stolen Patach expertise.


Stolen Patach Maze

In this maze, students embark on a mission to recognize and pronounce words with the Stolen Patach vowel. As they navigate through the twists and turns, their language skills will be put to the test.



Upgrade to the Stolen Patach Bundle.


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Stolen Patach Targeted Vowel Practice

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