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Passover Mega Bundle

Transform your Passover lesson plans and save valuable time with this comprehensive variety pack! It includes a collection of educational games and activities that will help you prepare your students for this important holiday.



Passover Worksheets

Get ready to unlock a world of fun and learning with this generous collection of 20 Passover worksheets! Your students will have a ball from cracking codes, creating Wacky Passover Stories (comparable to Mad Libs), navigating through mind-bending mazes, searching for hidden words, coloring pages, and SO MUCH MORE!


Passover Picture BINGO

The set features vibrant Passover-themed images, including images of matzah, seder plates, Moses, plagues, and more. No need for markers or chips—just grab a board and a pencil for each player. It comes with 32 Assorted BINGO cards and call cards that can also be used as a memory card game!


Symbols of Passover Coloring Booklet

This booklet introduces children to ten significant Passover symbols, using an interactive approach that makes learning enjoyable and enriches their appreciation of the holiday. Each page features beautifully illustrated symbols accompanied by informational text that details their significance in the Passover celebration. Through this interactive coloring activity, children will learn about key aspects such as why certain foods known as hametz are avoided and the meanings behind the Four Cups of Wine and Elijah’s Cup.


The ten symbols in this booklet include Pharaoh, Moses, Mezuzah, the Ten Commandments, Haggadah, Seder Plate, Matzah, Hametz, Four Cups of Wine, and Elijah's Cup.



Passover Four Questions BINGO

Prepare your students to shine at their Passover Seders with this special edition of Hebrew BINGO! The game includes the Hebrew words from the Four Questions, providing an engaging method for strengthening Hebrew literacy while preparing students to recite them confidently at their Passover Seders. It comes with 32 Assorted BINGO cards and call cards.


Passover-Themed Hebrew Game Boards

Boost your students' Hebrew reading skills with this set of four Passover-themed game boards.


Before You Buy

Upgrade to the Jewish Holiday Survival Kit for year-round Jewish holiday games and activities.


Passover Mega Bundle

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