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Jewish Holiday Picture BINGO Bundle

Jewish Holiday Picture BINGO is an engaging and educational game that allows children of all ages to explore the symbols of significant Jewish holidays. This convenient game is easy to implement in classrooms or community celebrations, requiring only a board and pencil for each player.


Each set comes with 32 assorted Picture BINGO  and call cards, which can also double as a Memory Card game.



Rosh Hashanah Picture BINGO

Sukkot Picture BINGO

Hanukkah Picture BINGO

Purim Picture BINGO

Passover Picture BINGO

Bonus Memory Games


How to Play

  1. Select a call card at random.

  2. Show it to the players and read the caption aloud.

  3. Players search for the matching image on their boards.

  4. Using pencils, players mark corresponding images with an X.

  5. The first player to mark five in a row in any direction calls "BINGO!"


Jewish Holiday Picture BINGO Bundle

$25.00 Regular Price
$21.00Sale Price
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