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Stolen Patach BINGO

The "Stolen Patach" Bingo Game enhances students' proficiency in recognizing and applying this irregular Hebrew rule. Through play, students will deepen their understanding of this challenging vowel and significantly improve their ability to decode Hebrew text effectively.

This comprehensive package includes 32 assorted bingo cards, ensuring a whole classroom can participate in the fun and learning. A call list is also provided to facilitate the game, making it a versatile and engaging resource for educators and students alike. 



32 assorted BINGO cards

Call Sheet


How to Play: Players mark an X over the boxes as the cards are called. The first player to get 5 in a row, in any direction, calls "BINGO." 


Before you Buy

Upgrade to the Stolen Patach Bundle.


Save when you upgrade to the Targeted Vowel Reading Practice Bundle or the Hebrew Letters and Vowels Review Bundle.

Stolen Patach BINGO

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