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A Taste of Tu Bishvat Booklet

This Tu Bishvat booklet provides an interactive experience for PreK-1st graders by introducing them to the traditional foods highlighted in the Torah and celebrated at a Tu Bishvat seder. Through coloring, children can appreciate the beauty and importance of nature and the role that these fruits and grains play in Jewish culture.


These seven sacred fruits and grains, known as the shivat haminim, include wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives, and dates.


In addition to the shivat haminim, the eleven-page booklet also features coloring pages of the life cycle of a tree and the Torah.


The booklet's back includes a comprehensive guide that can assist teachers and parents in examining the significance of these traditional foods.


Assembly is a breeze - just print and fold, and you're ready to go! No cutting required!











Lifecycle of a Tree


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A Taste of Tu Bishvat Booklet

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