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Tu Bishvat Bundle

The Tu Bishvat Bundle includes a collection of educational activities for the holiday.


1. Tu Bishvat Worksheets

Get ready to dive into the fruity world of Tu Bishvat with this worksheet collection! It's full of juicy activities about the holiday, including the seven species of special fruits and grains that made ancient Israel's agriculture unique. These fun worksheets can be completed alone or with a partner, and the teacher's guide and answer keys make it a breeze for teachers to use in their classrooms. And, get this: no prep work is needed! Just print and go!


To make your holiday complete, you'll receive two decorative handouts with the blessings to use at your Tu Bishvat Seder. Choose between the one with or without transliterations.


2. A Taste of Tu Bishvat Color & Trace Booklet

The 11-page booklet provides an interactive experience by introducing students to traditional foods highlighted in the Torah, which are celebrated during a Tu Bishvat seder. These seven sacred fruits and grains, known as the shivat haminim, include wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olive oil, and dates.


In addition to the shivat haminim, the booklet also features coloring pages of the life cycle of a tree and the Torah. The back of the booklet includes a comprehensive guide that can assist teachers and parents in delving deeper into the significance of these traditional foods.


By engaging in coloring and tracing the symbols of the holiday, children will develop an appreciation for the beauty and importance of nature and the role that these fruits and grains play in Jewish culture.


Assembly is a breeze - just print and fold, and you're ready to go! No cutting is required!


3. Tu Bishvat Accordion Craft

This delightful Tu Bishvat craft is a fusion of learning and art. It's an excellent way to introduce pre-K to first graders to the holiday and the traditional foods at a Tu Bishvat Seder.


The Torah describes these seven sacred foods in the land of Israel. Also known as the shivat haminim, they are listed as Wheat, Barley, Pomegranates, Figs, Dates, Olives, and Grapes.


After creating their accordion booklets, students can display their artwork on the bulletin board to fit the season.


A bonus search and color worksheet is included.


Never Worry about Lesson-Planning for a Jewish Holiday Again!

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Tu Bishvat Bundle

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